The Best Areas To Stay In The Algarve With Family

A trip to the Algarve is an adventure that promises sun-soaked beaches, beautiful natural landscapes, and a spectacular mix of experiences. However, choosing the perfect base for your family is critical to ensuring that you have the perfect trip that you dreamed of. Check out our guide and find out the best areas to stay in the Algarve with your family.

Ponte de Piedade

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Lagos is a town that is full of history and has the perfect mix of culture and coast. The Old Town is surrounded by ancient walls and is the best area to stay in town.

On our trip to Lagos, we found that by staying in the old town, we were close enough to the shops and restaurants but far enough that the crowds didn’t bother us. This is an ideal area of the town to stroll through and admire the charm of Lagos. 

Streets of Lagos, Portugal

If you stay in the Old Town, you’ll still be very close to the beaches such as Meia Praia, Praia Dona Ana, and Praia do Camilo. It’s maybe a 10-minute drive to the beaches. You’ll also be able to check out Ponte de Piedade which is one of the more remarkable cliff formations in the Algarve..

There are plenty of family-friendly activities such as boat tours that will take you around the local caves, grottoes, and Ponte de Piedade as well as a tour to the famed Benagil Caves.

In the evening the town comes to life bringing with it a relaxed family-friendly atmosphere perfect for a stroll or a meal in the area.


Albufeira is where vibrant energy meets family-friendly bliss! This gem of the Algarve is great for families with its dynamic yet welcoming atmosphere. With its sun-kissed sands like Praia da Oura and São Rafael, Albufeira is the place for epic family beach adventures.

Coast of Albufeira

Wander through the enchanting cobblestone streets of the Old Town, where quaint shops and eateries await at every turn, promising smiles for everyone.

But the fun doesn’t stop at the shore! Dive into thrilling water sports or marvel at the wonders of Zoomarine Park, where marine magic comes to life.

Choosing Albufeira for your family getaway means diving headfirst into the heart of the Algarve’s excitement. Get ready for an unforgettable stay filled with laughter and exploration.

Streets of Albufeira


Tucked amidst breathtaking cliffs, Carvoeiro exudes its unique charm, making it an ideal destination for families seeking a retreat surrounded by natural splendor.

The town square buzzes with activity both day and night, offering a variety of dining options for families to enjoy. Perched along the coast, Carvoeiro’s picturesque white-washed houses atop the cliffs create a stunning panorama, adding to its allure.

Town of Carvoeiro

Home to Praia do Paraiso and Praia do Carvoeiro, beach days are just steps away within the town itself, eliminating the need to venture far for a day by the sea.

Nearby caves invite exploration, either by boat or along the scenic Carvoeiro Boardwalk, leading to Algar Seco and captivating rock formations. The vistas from the Boardwalk are truly breathtaking, offering an unforgettable experience.

Carvoeiro also serves as an ideal departure point for a Benagil Caves boat tour, offering an exhilarating 90-minute journey through Carvoeiro Caves, which we found to be exceptional. The boat tour was fascinating and the perfect length for a family.

Just a short 15-minute drive away lies the amazing Marinha Beach, further enriching the experience for families looking to explore the natural landscapes of the Algarve.

For families seeking to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Algarve, Carvoeiro undoubtedly stands out as an unparalleled choice.


View of Vilamoura coast and beach

Vilamoura stands as the epitome of luxury in the Algarve, renowned for its sophisticated ambiance and upscale offerings. At the heart of its allure lies the prestigious Vilamoura Marina, complemented by world-class golf courses, affirming its well-deserved reputation.

For those inclined towards indulgence, Vilamoura provides plenty of upscale experiences tailored to elevate your family vacation.

Despite its lavish atmosphere, Vilamoura doesn’t skimp on family-friendly activities. From exhilarating water sports to delightful rounds of mini golf, and even serene horseback riding excursions, there’s something to captivate every member of the family.

Moreover, the bustling marina serves as a vibrant hub, teeming with luxurious yachts, charming boutiques, and enticing eateries, rendering it an ideal destination for a delightful evening out.

Vilamoura effortlessly strikes the perfect balance between lavishness and a welcoming family-friendly environment, ensuring an unforgettable getaway for all who visit.


Alvor emerges as the classic spot for families seeking a tranquil retreat. Its winding cobblestone streets exude a timeless charm, rendering Alvor a picturesque sanctuary for families seeking relaxation.

What truly sets Alvor apart is its embodiment of traditional Portuguese life, infusing every corner with an authentic ambiance that captivates visitors. Staying in a vacation rental in this area only adds to the experience.

The town’s allure extends to its natural wonders, including the serene estuary and inviting boardwalks that invite leisurely exploration. Meanwhile, the pristine sandy beaches are perfect for those yearning for sun, sea, and sand, offering an idyllic escape for beach-loving families.

beach in the town of Alvor, Portugal

Nature enthusiasts will enjoy the Ria de Alvor Nature Reserve, Alvor Boardwalk, and Riverside Park which provides ample opportunities for picnics, bike rides, and wildlife encounters.

Moreover, Alvor’s array of family-friendly restaurants and seafood markets adds a delectable touch of authenticity to your stay.

For families seeking a culturally enriching yet laid-back vacation, Alvor emerges as the ultimate destination, promising an unforgettable blend of tranquility and authenticity.


Quarteira is the hidden gem of the Algarve coast. It has a long sandy beach and vibrant promenade which has cafes, ice cream shops, and playgrounds which makes it excellent for families. The beach is spacious and safe so it’s a wonderful spot to spend a beach day. 

Promenade in Quarteira, Portugal

The town is centrally located in the Algarve so it provides easy access to numerous attractions such as Aquashow Park which has water slides, dolphin shows, and interactive exhibits.

Quarteira also has a traditional fish market and local eateries which add to the charm of the area. This adds to its reputation for having fresh seafood and traditional Portuguese cuisine.

From your stay in Quarteira, you can take advantage of the nearby Vilamoura Marina, and Zoomarine Algarve. 


Each town in the Algarve will have its benefits so it’s mostly a matter of what you enjoy most. That being the case, the Algarve is such a spectacular place to visit that no matter where you stay you’re likely going to love it. Once you are settled on where you want to stay during your trip, now it’s time to start working on that itinerary and packing for your trip. Fortunately, we have an ideal itinerary prepared for your family trip to the Algarve as well as a handy packing guide that you have to check out. And if you don’t have your flight booked yet, check out the best tips for booking a flight to the Algarve. Safe travels!


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The Best Areas To Stay In The Algarve With Family
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