Exploring Italy In June With Family: A Perfect Time To Travel

Italy, a land of tremendous natural and architectural beauty, is a place that attracts visitors year-round. However, if you’re looking for the perfect time to experience Italy, June is the month that you’ll want to target. Several reasons make it the perfect time, find out why.

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Even though there’s rarely a bad time to visit Italy, some times are better than others and June is the perfect example of that. It provides the hard-to-beat combination of great weather, lower costs, and more manageable crowds. For many families, summer is the time to go on big vacations, but June is the month that’s best for visiting Italy.


With the summer comes a brilliant opportunity for families to go on their major family vacations. This is because children being out of school provides much more flexibility in scheduling.

Many other people like to travel to Europe in the summer because of the wonderful weather, with so much to be experienced outdoors. With those large crowds comes a drastic increase in costs.

Experienced travelers will search for an opportunity to travel during shoulder season, which provides many of the benefits of peak season without many of the problems. This can be challenging when visiting Italy because it’s such a popular place to visit.

For a family vacation to Italy, June works well. Even though summer is the peak season, the more popular months tend to be July and August. Demand is often a bit lower in June which means that the cost will be a bit lower as well.

Planning to visit in June is a great idea, but it also helps to book as early as possible or as soon as you see a deal you like. This strategy worked well for our family on our most recent trip to Italy.

We purchased our flight tickets more than 7 months in advance and quickly followed up by purchasing our accommodations. We stick to vacation rentals and the best selection and prices are often available further in advance. On a previous trip, we purchased our flight about 9 months in advance and got a fantastic deal. Searching for and purchasing our tickets early has consistently been one of the best tips for booking our flights to Italy.


There is always going to be a high demand to visit one of the top tourist destinations in the world and of course, summer is one of the most popular times to do so.

This can cause large crowds in popular cities like Rome and some wonder if they should skip them altogether, but if you travel in June you may be able to get in and experience famous locations such as Venice, Florence, Rome, and Puglia before the large crowds arrive.

This is especially important since there are so many wonderful sights and the crowds then produce long lines to enter. For families, this can cause a problem because young ones are usually less patient when it comes to standing in line for long periods. 

Avoiding the crowds helps, but we also found that making sure that we purchase our tickets online ahead of time whenever possible helps as well.

You can expect the streets of Venice as well as attractions such as Vatican City to be swarming with fellow visitors in the summer months, but visiting in June can help that a bit.

During our visits to Italy in June we never felt that it was too crowded even in extremely popular spots like the Colosseum or the Pantheon in Rome.


The weather can vary in Italy from Milan in the north to Sicily in the south, but June provides a nice moderate set of temperatures that you’ll experience.

Of course, it’ll get warmer in the south, but you can enjoy nice warm weather without it being oppressively hot in June. The closer you get to July, the warmer it’ll get, but June is pretty much perfect for the weather in Italy.

This is in stark contrast to the other summer months of July and August where especially in central to southern Italy, the temperatures can climb to uncomfortable heights. It can easily get warm enough that it’ll disrupt your plans and make touring cities on foot uncomfortable.

Young ones especially are affected by the high temperatures which can make them miserable. This can turn a fun family adventure into a nightmare.

June can have its hot days, but during our trips to Italy, we only faced one day of extreme heat where temperatures reached a high of 95F. All of the other days have been perfectly warm with plenty of sunshine.

Even though the temperature is often nice and comfortable there will likely be plenty of sunshine, so be sure to have some form of protection from the sun for the entire family since a large part of your visit will likely be outdoors.


Italy in June is sure to be a treat for your entire family. The spectacular sites, pleasant weather, and tremendous food make for a great combination that adds up to an unforgettable family adventure. Start planning now and check out the this essential itinerary for a family trip to Italy that includes Rome and Naples and make sure you know what to pack so that you can have the Italian vacation of your dreams.


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Exploring Italy In June With Family: A Perfect Time To Travel
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