I’m an accountant by day, travel blogger by night (kinda like the Batman of travel) and a member of the North American Travel Journalist Association. I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and grew up with a love of maps and geography. I’d study maps for hours at time, imagining myself going on journeys all over the world. That developed into a love of planning and the logistics of travel. When I got old enough to travel with friends, I was always the planner, the map reader (actual paper maps) and the one who put the trips together. It’s amazing to me that I’ve gone from studying maps and planning to see the world to actually seeing the world.

Now, I’m married to a beautiful wife and together we have two little travelers who are always looking forward to our next adventure. I love Italian food, I hate being cold and I’m still celebrating our 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Championship! Our blog Smiles on Arrival is a passion project borne of the desire to share our travel experiences and provide tips and advice that we’ve found useful. We hope to encourage and inspire young families to travel and embrace the adventure that it brings.


  • Jeremiah Pittmon

    Jeremiah Pittmon is a published travel writer and photographer from Cleveland, Ohio. Passionate about exploring the world with his family, he finds inspiration in all types of travel. Through his blog, smilesonarrival.com, and social media channels, he shares captivating experiences and valuable tips for families who love to travel.

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