How Many Days Do I Need In London?

When preparing for a trip to London, one of the more difficult things is deciding how long you should visit. London is a city that is packed with so many amazing things to see and experience. You could easily stay for a week or more and still not see everything. You likely don’t have that much time. Fortunately, we can help answer the pressing question “How many days do I need in London”.


Four days is a good amount of time to spend in London. You will be able to see plenty of the major sites and still have time to enjoy some other things that will interest you. With four days you won’t have to pack your itinerary and run from place to place to see a lot. London is an amazing city, and with four days you’ll be able to enjoy your trip.

Tower Bridge


Day One

Westminster Bridge – Enjoy spectacular views up and down the Thames and see Big Ben.

Victoria Tower Gardens/Horseferry Playground – Great green space and playground for kids.

Westminster Abbey – The site of centuries worth of coronations and royal weddings.

London Eye – Amazing bird’s eye view of London plus a fun ride.

Trafalgar Square – Visit this historic square and stop at the National Gallery as well.

Chinatown – The perfect place to explore when you’re hungry, you’ll find some amazing food.

Covent Garden – A great place to find trendy cafes and traditional pubs.

Day Two

British Museum – Take a trip through history in one of the most prominent museums in the world.

Camden Town – Explore this vibrant section of London with its street art and eclectic art scene.

Camden Market – Sample all types of delicious food from around the world in one place.

The Regent’s Park – Take your time and relax in an expansive park that includes a zoo.

Day Three

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace – Visit the seat of British royal power, and witness the changing of the guard.

National History Museum – Enjoy the fun exhibits that include dinosaurs and other wildlife

Hyde Park – Discover London’s most famous park, and spend time on the lake and the playgrounds.

Kensington Palace – See the palace and take a tour, also don’t miss out on the gardens.

Regent Street – Shop in the heart of London on this stately street, the home of many brands.

Hamleys – The largest toy store in the world is a must-see for kids

Piccadilly Circus – Take in the vibrant, lively square. It comes alive at night.

Day Four

St. Paul’s Cathedral – Visit the site of so much royal history from weddings to funerals.

Millennium Bridge – Enjoy sweeping views of the Thames on this modern pedestrian bridge.

Borough Market – This market is a foodie’s paradise with all types of foods available to try.

Tower Bridge – Not to be confused with the London Bridge, this is the one you want to see.

Tower of London – A visit to this storied fortress is a journey through time and a must-see.

Sky Garden – One of the best panoramic viewpoints in London is free.


Houses of Parliament

London is a city that is full of fascinating sites so your biggest challenge will likely be what you have to leave off of your itinerary. A great thing about London, though is it has a fantastic, efficient public transportation system.

On our family’s visit, we easily used the Tube to get wherever we wanted to go and then walked the rest of the way. This made it easy to cover a lot of ground and see a lot in a short period. But there are other things to consider if your time will be short in London.

Purchase tickets ahead of time

One of the best ways to save time is to avoid long lines as much as possible. Many attractions offer skip-the-line tickets or guided tours that will allow you to avoid the crowds.

You may pay more for some of these options, but when you’re short on time, it’ll be worth it.

It’s important to keep in mind that London is consistently in the top five of most visited cities in the world annually, so always expect a crowd.

Be Selective With Your Itinerary

London Eye

After making a list of things to see in London, you’ll notice that your list will get very long very quickly. Initially, you’ll try to fit as much as humanly possible into your itinerary, booking your day from sunrise to past sunset.

That likely won’t be a sustainable plan, especially if you’re traveling with family. You’ll likely just burn yourself (and your kids) out and not enjoy London.

It’s best to leave yourself plenty of time to explore and wander around the city or linger at a fun pub for a meal. Even though you won’t see everything you’ll have a great reason to return.

When preparing your itinerary focus on specific areas that will make your visit more efficient. 

The Can’t-Miss Sites in London

If you’re short on time on your visit to London, here are the sites that you absolutely can not miss:

Westminster Abbey

British Museum

Buckingham Palace

National History Museum

Hyde Park

Tower Bridge

Tower of London


If you love history, culture, and great food there’s more than you can experience in London in four days or less. London has over 25 free museums including the world-famous British Museum as well as the Natural History Museum, the National Gallery, and the Tate Modern.

London also is a city of markets, many of which provide both history and amazing food. And when you add in the many royal sites you can see how your schedule can quickly fill up with things to do. 


St. Paul's Cathedral in London, UK

How long you get to stay in London will of course depend on your schedule, but I advise you to allow as much time as possible to explore this fascinating city. If you’re able to spend four days in London check out our essential 4 day itinerary, our guide on what to pack for your trip, and find out the best areas to stay in London. Safe travels!


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How Many Days Do I Need In London?
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