Why Travel To Lisbon in June With Your Family

Of all of the months to visit Lisbon, one seems to stand out as the best for families to visit. The summer is prime family travel time so while you may think of July and August as the best times to visit Portugal, it’s not. Find out why you should visit Lisbon in June with your family.

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The popularity of summer travel causes prices to increase greatly during that time of year. For most families, it’s the best time of year to travel because the kids are out of school and of course, the weather is incredible.

With that increased demand for flights, accommodations and limited supply comes the increased prices.

What most seasoned travelers look for is shoulder season. That is the time nearest to the popular times to visit (because let’s face it, the popular times to visit are popular for a reason) but not quite in that time frame.

For family travel and travel to Lisbon in particular, a great example of that is the month of June. While the peak summer travel months of July and August bring about peak costs, the month of June is a nice alternative.

Prices are often quite reasonable with a lot of the summer benefits. In combination with booking things early (as far as 8 to 10 months in advance), there are a lot of deals to be had for the family.

We found great deals on our accommodations and our flight on our family’s recent trip to Lisbon in June of 2023. This was amid inflated travel costs everywhere, but especially in Europe. By purchasing our flight and booking our apartment early and visiting in June we saved well over a thousand dollars and had an awesome vacation!


Family travel is primarily restricted to just a few months in the summer when the kids are out of school. While many American schools typically let out for summer break in June, many European schools don’t let out until July. For families that can take advantage of this early release, it’s a perfect time to plan a trip to Lisbon.

Our family found that throughout our trip, we never felt overcrowded or dealt with long lines anywhere we went in Lisbon. This can have a massive impact on your family’s experience when traveling.

Not only are kids notoriously impatient and not fans of standing in line and waiting, but overwhelming crowds likely affect the local’s attitudes toward tourists.

Visiting Lisbon in June ensures that you beat the crowds and get to enjoy the city the way it was meant to be. Even though we have a habit of pre-ordering all of our tickets online, we didn’t need to on our visit. The only attraction that had a moderately long line (that moved fast) was the Jeronimos Monastery.


One of the best things about Lisbon is the spectacular weather. The city gets a lot of sunshine annually so no matter when you visit in June, you’ll likely have several sunny days.

As much as sunshine is welcomed on a vacation, too much can ruin it. Even though the temperatures in Lisbon are usually moderate, July and August can see an increase in uncomfortably hot weather.

The month of June though, provides nice sunshine along with moderately warm temperatures. It’s warm enough during the day that you’ll enjoy being outside and isn’t too cool at night. Visiting in June ensures that you get the best parts of summer weather in Lisbon.

June is also the third driest month when it comes to rainfall (just after July and August). This means that during your stay you’re not likely going to have it ruined by excessive rain.


Lisbon is a fabulous city to visit with your family and June is the best month to do it in. I’m sure that you’ll love your experience in this amazing city. Before you go, make sure you know what to expect and what to pack. Check out our handy packing list for your visit to Lisbon. Safe travels!


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Why Travel To Lisbon in June With Your Family
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