Why Borghese Gardens is one of the things not to miss in Rome

Rome is a beautiful city full of history, ancient sites, monuments and incredible buildings. The majority of your time in the city will likely be used enjoying these sites. With so many things to see and do, there’s a lot to look forward to when planning a trip to Rome.  While you want to make sure that you see everything that you want, you also don’t want to try to see too much. One place that is absolutely fascinating is the Borghese Gardens which are situated near the historic center of Rome. It’s not always high on must see lists, but consider these items and see why Borghese Gardens is one of the things not to miss in Rome.

Amazing Borghese Gallery artworks

David in Borghese Gallery

The Borghese Gardens is the home to one of Rome’s preeminent museums, the Borghese Gallery. It contains works by Bernini that include Goat Amalthea with Infant Jupiter and Faun, Apollo and Daphne as well as David. The Galleria is full of classic works of art in many forms. The aforementioned Bernini is featured with his remarkable sculptures. There is also a large ceiling fresco which is stunning in both size and sheer artistry. There are numerous paintings by artists such as Caravaggio and Raphael.

The gallery is stunning not only for the art it holds but also for the fact that the building itself is gorgeous. It stands elegantly on the grounds of the gardens. This amazing building is equally striking on the inside as you follow your path from room to room enjoying the many works of art on exhibit.

The Galleria is quite popular so it’s best to reserve your Galleria Borghese tickets online in advance. Depending on when you plan to visit, you might want to make these reservations days, even weeks in advance. This is because only 360 people are allowed in at a time and the tickets are designated for timed entry. To get all of the information that you need to plan your visit including pricing, times that the gallery is open and ticket purchasing, you can go to the Borghese Gallery official site here.

Villa Borghese Zoo

Zoological park in Borghese Gardens in Rome

When you think of Rome, you probably don’t think about visiting a zoo. But if you’re visiting with your family, this is a nice place to take the kids. Inside the beautiful Borghese Gardens there is a zoological park that holds over 1,000 animals and 200 species.  There is enough variety to really enjoy the wildlife in the park. The size of the collections of wildlife both in total and species also allows you to spend some time in this part of the park. Children will especially appreciate being able to see all of the different types of animals on display.  That makes this one of the several great things to do in Rome with kids.

If you want to visit the park, you can find all of the information that you need to schedule a visit here on their website.

Enjoy a boat ride on the pond

The pond that is in Borghese Gardens isn’t just a nice place to relax but it also provides activities as well. There are boats for rent that you can take out onto the pond. It’s a great way to relax and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty of the gardens. Being out on the water also gives you a different perspective of the gardens.

The boats are available for rental from 9:30am to dusk. The rides are for 20 minutes and the cost is only 3 euros for adults 1.5 euros for children so it’s also a budget friendly activity for the family.

Enjoy the views of Terrazza del Pincio

Terrazza del Pincio in Borghese Gardens in Rome

There are several places to get a great view of Rome throughout the city and this is one of the best. At the far edge of the park is the Terrazza del Pincio, a wide terrace that overlooks the Piazza del Popolo and the rest of the city of Rome. The panoramic view is astounding as the city spreads out before you.

Once you’ve taken in enough of the spectacular panoramic view, you can make your way down the scenic path to one of the best piazzas in Rome, Piazza del Popolo.

View of Piazza del Popolo in Borghese Gardens

Villa Borghese bike rentals

Although walking though the park is a great way to see the park, there are bikes that are available to rent as well. You can rent the traditional bicycle or even a four wheeled bike with seating that can easily fit a family of four. This is great for small groups or families with small children as you’re able to cover more ground in a shorter amount of time without wearing out the little ones. Since the park is so big this is a great option no matter who you’re traveling with.

Be sure to bring your passport for identification purposes when renting the bikes.

You can also hire a guided bike tour for a more comprehensive experience of the park. You can check here for the available options.

Enjoy the art in the gardens

Sculpture in Borghese Gardens

If you don’t get to visit the magnificent Galleria Borghese you can still enjoy some magnificent art. Scattered throughout the gardens are several impressive pieces. These pieces set with the Gardens as a backdrop is a great way to see some wonderful Italian artwork.

This is great for situations where you aren’t able to get tickets to the Galleria Borghese, don’t have time to stop in, or you’re with young children that you don’t want to have to take to another gallery.

Visit the Borghese Gardens

Pathway in Borghese Gardens

With so many different things to do in this park, you could easily spend an entire day appreciating all that it has to offer. The Villa Borghese park opening hours are every day from dawn to dusk. If you’re visiting Rome on a budget it’s a great place to visit. For families, this park is a wonderful experience and provides a wonderful break from the crowds and culture of the city. It may not hold the reputation of some of Rome’s more famous landmarks, but the Borghese Gardens is a treasure and should not be missed.

If you’ve been to the Borghese Gardens and have some tips to share feel free to add them in the comments below!


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Why Borghese Gardens is one of the things not to miss in Rome
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