What to do In Naples Italy With Kids

Why visit Naples, Italy with kids? With so many outstanding cities and locations in Italy, Naples often gets overlooked as a family destination, but it shouldn’t. It’s not nearly as polished as other Italian cities, but it’s still an amazing place to visit.

Naples has a special charm that is impossible to miss and families will enjoy it. Our family absolutely loved our trip to Naples. These are just a few Naples activities for families looking to enjoy their Italian vacation.

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Bagno Elena

There aren’t many nice beaches near Naples, Italy that are quick and easy to get to. If you want something really nice you usually have to go to one of the nearby islands such as Ischia, Procida or Capri.

There is one exception and that is Bagno Elena beach. To be fair it can’t compete in beauty with the beaches on any of the islands, but it is a really nice spot for families.

While the water isn’t turquoise, the area is really nice and scenic. It does have sand unlike so many other beaches in the region which often consists of small pebbles and volcanic stones.

Also really nice for families is the waves are not too strong, but just enough for kids to have a great time in.

The entire beach area is really clean including the changing areas. The cost to access to the beach is 12 euro per sunbed while kids are free.  If you arrive after 3pm it’s 10 euro per person. The sunbed also comes with an umbrella.

The surrounding area is quite scenic with colorful buildings behind and stunning Palazzo Donn’Anna protruding  out into the water to frame the beach on one end. It’s not necessarily the most popular spot so overcrowding (at least in June) likely won’t be an issue. There are often lots of families there with kids that enjoy the beach.


If you think that your kids will love being able visit an actual castle you’re in a good spot. Naples is well known for two castles, Castel d’Ovo and Castel Nuovo. Castel d’Ovo sits on what was the island of Borgo Marinaro and is now a accessible by land.

It is a massive structure that has guarded the port and city of Naples for centuries. The massive cannons that once protected the city are also still on display. Perhaps the best part of the visit will be the great views of Vesuvius and Naples from its many look out points. As an added bonus, entrance is free.

The Castel Nuovo or New Castle is just as impressive. It’s also an enormous imposing structure but it contains artwork on the top levels.  It’s 6 euro to enter and free for 18 and under.

National Archaelogical Museum

The national archaeological museum contains countless artifacts from ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt and other places from the region. It’s a great place to stop before a visit to Pompeii or Herculaneum as the museum contains many items from both sites. Since the actual sites are fairly empty aside from the ruins themselves, the museum can serve as a guide to give context to a visit to Pompeii. It serves as a nice introduction to the actual site and help kids better understand what they’ll see when they get there.

Tickets are 18 euro and free for 18 and under. There some discounts available and other deals offered you can check them out here.

Visit Pompeii

While there is a lot to do in Naples itself, one of the great things about staying in Naples is the proximity to other really attractive sites. Many of them are known all across the world. One that families will want to visit is Pompeii. This sprawling ancient site is a marvel to behold and experience in person. It truly is a one of a kind sight to see.


The ancient city was preserved so well following the eruption of Vesuvius that walking its streets feels like being transported back in time nearly 2,000 years. The frame work for many homes and buildings are still intact and you can walk among these structures.

What makes it a great place for families is that it’s so wide open that there’s’ plenty of space for kids to roam free and explore. Also there’s nothing to break.

The site is so big that you won’t be able to see it all, but that will help keep everyone busy since you won’t be able to stay in one spot for too long. The summer months bring a lot of sun. July and August can be particularly brutal and might not be the best time to visit as the sun and heat can become overwhelming.

As noted it is a big wide open area and there is very little shade throughout the site. Even June can be very hot in this particular area so plan accordingly and take the appropriate precautions with children. Pompeii is very easy to get to from Naples as there is a train line that takes you directly to the site and leaves you within walking distance to the entrance.

Some people also decide to visit Herculaneum which is near Pompeii and also contains ruins from the Vesuvius eruption. You can get a similar experience from either site though Pompeii is much larger while Herculaneum is better preserved and more compact. Herculaneum is another option for families since it is a smaller site.

Have Lots of Pizza and Gelato

When you’re in the birthplace of pizza you owe it to yourself to try as much of it as you can. I’m sure the little ones will be just fine with that.

Whether you’re trying the classic margherita, the marinara or the countless other varieties you’ll be happy with whatever fresh pizza that you choose. Neapolitans take great pride in the their pizza and it shows.

Gelato is another great Italian tradition that the kids will love partaking in. The flavors are seemingly endless. Most places will be more than happy to allow you to sample before you make a purchase. Even if you have picky eaters with you, they can be sure to leave with something that they like.

Traveling to Italy with kids

Italy is one of the most family friendly places to visit in the world. Naples is no exception and is likely to be an incredible experience for your family. There are plenty of other reasons that makes Naples, Italy worth visiting with your family so go and find out for yourself!

Naples isn’t the only Italian city that’s great for kids. Since you’re only an hour train ride from Rome, why not make plans to visit Rome as well.

If you’ve visited Italy and would like to add any other things for kids to do in Naples, please feel free to add them in the comments!


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What to do In Naples Italy With Kids
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