The Ultimate Europe Travel Packing List For Families

Preparing for a family trip to Europe is so exciting because it promises a wonderful adventure ahead. With so many beautiful countries, Europe offers a diverse range of cities, towns, and natural beauty making it a fantastic destination. However, this variety means you need to be well-prepared for different experiences. That’s why this Europe travel packing list is an essential part of your trip planning.

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The initial step in packing for a trip involves selecting the best luggage for you and your family. The perfect luggage should provide ample space while adhering to airline regulations. If you choose to travel with only a carry-on, versatility is key. Durability is also essential. This carry-on meets all these criteria and more.


When traveling to cities in Europe, such as Rome and Lisbon, you’ll find that the sidewalks are often cobblestone, tiled, and uneven. Standard wheeled luggage can be challenging to maneuver on these surfaces.

In these locations, a carry-on backpack might be the best option. We used this one and it was superb: spacious yet lightweight and easy to carry.


Good luggage isn’t just for adults; children also need reliable and easy-to-use options. Initially, we bought a bag featuring a popular superhero, but it turned out to be flimsy and hard to roll. Fortunately, we also bought this carry-on, which proved to be sturdy and solid.


A versatile backpack is essential for any travel plan, especially when you’re using a carry-on-only packing strategy. The ideal backpack offers extra storage, keeps you organized, and can be used for day trips while you’re out and about.

You can’t go wrong with a reliable option like this one from Jansport

Or you can go with this versatile backpack.


Using your regular bag for a day of sightseeing is often impractical. For convenience and safety, a more secure option, such as a crossbody bag, is preferable. Plus, it will enhance your look while you explore.


The cobblestone streets are a signature of Europe. And many European cities are best experienced by walking. It’s the preferred way to see the city, so you’re going to be on your feet a lot.

And walking on uneven cobblestone streets a lot. You’re going to need some comfy shoes to help you along; otherwise, you’re going to be ready to call it quits early. 

For women, these are excellent.

If you want something casual, these are great.

For men, these are comfortable and smart.

Kids can wear something practical and nice.


To stay warm during cool mornings or nights, an extra layer is always useful. There are several ways to approach this. For men, opting for a blazer instead of a typical jacket is a stylish way to enhance a casual outfit while you’re out and about.

Women can opt for a stylish light cardigan to maintain a sophisticated yet casual look.

Sometimes a hoodie will suffice, but even then, it’s best to choose something a bit more refined than your favorite well-worn one.


Before visiting Europe, it’s crucial to always be prepared with an umbrella. Certain areas, such as the UK can be prone to rain. Our compact travel umbrella proved invaluable as we encountered frequent rain during our trip to London.

With the umbrella, we could navigate through the rain without much concern.


Exploring the beautiful sites in Europe will leave you thirsty. Stay hydrated with this fantastic bottle—it’s leakproof, easy to carry, and features a built-in straw. It served us well during our two-week trip through Spain and Portugal.


Going on an extended vacation often involves packing numerous clothes, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you’ll be away for two weeks or more, you’ll probably need to wash and re-wear some items.

Therefore, having an efficient way to clean clothes is crucial. These detergent sheets are incredibly effective, and a bonus is that they’re not liquid, taking up minimal space.


When traveling by plane, good headphones are essential for enjoying media while blocking out aircraft and passenger noise. Traditional headphones, like these, are a reliable choice. However, earbuds are increasingly popular for their high-quality sound and noise-canceling abilities, such as these.


Many families opt for budget flight options due to their affordability, but the additional costs, including meals and snacks, can quickly accumulate.

A practical solution is to bring your snacks for the flight. This is especially beneficial for children, who may get hungry on their schedule, even if meals and snacks are provided. Additionally, bringing snacks can be handy at your destination, particularly if there are specific foods your little ones enjoy.


Given our daily reliance on devices, ensuring their functionality upon reaching our destination should be our top priority. Outlets vary worldwide, and Europe is no exception.

Therefore, having an adapter that enables you to plug in your devices is essential. We used these on our trips to Europe and we loved them for their versatility.


Many parts of Europe enjoy plenty of sunshine. If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors exploring cities and the countryside, protecting your eyes in style is essential.

Be sure to pack some trendy shades like these or opt for a more classic style like this.


While Europe is known primarily for its stunning cities and culture, there are plenty of wonderful beaches to enjoy as well. If you’re going to be in one of those areas along the Mediterranean, be sure to pack gear that will let you fully enjoy the region’s excellent beaches.

These suits are great for women.

These are an excellent choice for men.


Airbnbs offer numerous advantages, particularly for families, and are ideal for those craving an authentic travel experience. However, a downside is that essential items may be missing or not working correctly, and replacing them isn’t always straightforward.

We’ve discovered that bringing our travel iron is incredibly valuable and has proven useful on multiple occasions. Even when traveling with carry-on luggage only, this compact iron takes up minimal space, is lightweight, and remarkably effective.


Once you’re packed and ready to start your trip to Europe, take a moment to review your itinerary to ensure you haven’t missed anything. Check out the 2 week itinerary that we used for our trip to Europe as well as this handy guide for booking flights for your family to help you prepare for an awesome family vacation.


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The Ultimate Europe Travel Packing List For Families
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