The Perfect 3 Day London Itinerary For Families

London offers an exceptional destination for a family vacation, blending history, iconic landmarks, and a wealth of activities for all ages. Planning your itinerary can be quite a task, but our ultimate 3-day London itinerary will help you maximize your experience. Start planning your unforgettable trip now!

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London Eye

London Eye

Soar to new heights on the London Eye, which gives you sweeping views of the city’s skyline. Relax, enjoy the ride and the amazing view.

Book your tickets online in advance to skip the long lines and make the most of your time. After your ride, explore the nearby Jubilee Gardens and SouthBank promenade to fully enjoy the area.

Westminster Bridge

Once you ride the London Eye make your way across the Thames River by taking in the stunning views from Westminster Bridge. As you cross this iconic landmark, you’ll have a splendid view of the Thames River.

To the north, you can see the London Eye and the South Bank, while the Houses of Parliament and the historic Big Ben lie to the south.

Take your time to enjoy the experience on the bridge, and don’t miss the scenic walkways along the river, offering unmatched views of Parliament and Big Ben from the South Bank.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Discover the history of Westminster Abbey, a cornerstone of London’s rich heritage. Since 1066, this revered site has hosted British coronations and royal weddings.

Allow plenty of time to explore the chapels, tombs, and precious relics. Upgrade your visit with a guided tour, which provides fascinating insights into the Abbey’s storied past. To streamline your experience and ensure a rewarding journey through time, book your tickets in advance.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Go on a royal adventure at Buckingham Palace, an iconic symbol of European grandeur. Plan your visit to coincide with the majestic Changing of the Guard ceremony for a prime view of this historic event.

Take a guided tour of the palace’s opulent interiors, and marvel at treasures such as the Throne Room and the Grand Staircase.

Hyde Park

Discover the lush green spaces within the vast expanse of Hyde Park, a perfect place for families seeking outdoor adventures. Rent a boat for a ride across the lake, or enjoy the charm of the Diana, Princess of Wales’ Memorial Fountain.

Explore hidden gems like the Serpentine Galleries, which are waiting to be discovered.

Kensington Palace

Take in the royal splendor at Kensington Palace, located at the western end of Hyde Park. Stroll through the Sunken Gardens before touring the King’s and Queen’s State Apartments, where captivating exhibitions and regal displays bring the palace’s storied past to life.

Piccadilly Circus/Regent Street/Hamleys

Regent Street, known for its stunning Victorian and Georgian architecture, is the heart of London’s shopping district, featuring renowned luxury and international flagship stores. 

A highlight is Hamleys, the world’s oldest and largest toy store, offering an immersive experience with brilliant displays and a vast toy selection. For our kids, this one one of the best parts of London.

It’s a fun place to spend time and get lost in. 

Continuing down Regent Street leads to Piccadilly Circus, a vibrant square best visited at night for its dazzling electronic displays.


British Museum

British Museum

Begin your day with an exploration of history at the British Museum. Go on a fascinating journey through ancient civilizations, from the splendor of Egypt to the richness of Persia. Participate in specialized tours designed for children, providing an educational and enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Camden Town

Dive into the vibrant tapestry of Camden Town, a haven for art enthusiasts and eclectic souls. Wander its maze-like streets adorned with colorful street art, graffiti, and captivating murals. Appreciate the creative energy of London’s artistic enclave.

Camden Market

Recharge with culinary delights at Camden Market, a foodie paradise offering an array of gastronomic treats. Savor gourmet burgers, international street food, and delectable sweets from around the world. Explore stalls brimming with unique treasures, from artisanal crafts to vintage finds.

Regent’s Park

End your day with serenity in the expansive Regent’s Park. Relax amidst its lush greenery, featuring a zoo, picturesque gardens, and charming playgrounds.

Cross the lake in a rowboat or stroll along its scenic pathways. Enjoy open-air theatrical performances during the summer months, adding a magical touch to your day.


St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral, an architectural marvel completed in 1675 by Sir Christopher Wren in Baroque style, boasts one of the world’s largest domes. With a rich history, it hosted Churchill’s and Princess Diana’s funerals, and Charles and Diana’s wedding. Climb 528 steps to enjoy breathtaking views of London. Inside, marvel at mosaics, carvings, and sculptures, including the High Altar, intricate Quire Screen, and Whispering Gallery’s unique acoustics.

You can purchase your tickets here.

Guided tours and educational exhibits offer deeper insights into the Cathedral’s history and architecture.

Millennium Bridge

Walk across the Millennium Bridge spanning the Thames, where you’ll enjoy sweeping views of the river and iconic landmarks such as the Tate Modern and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Stroll along this pedestrian bridge to take in the panoramic splendor of London’s riverside.

Borough Market

Enjoy the amazing food of the Borough Market, a gastronomic paradise offering gourmet delicacies from Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Asian cuisines. Dive into a food adventure with artisanal cheeses, cured meats, and irresistible pastries. This historic location, dating back over 1000 years, is perfect for a lunch stop and culinary exploration.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Discover the iconic Tower Bridge, a symbol of London’s architectural brilliance. Walk across its historic span, explore interactive exhibits, and enjoy panoramic views from the glass floor walkway. Learn about the bridge’s rich history in its engine rooms, experiencing London’s maritime heritage firsthand.

Tower of London

Tower of London

Step into history at the Tower of London, an ancient fortress rich in stories and intrigue. Explore its winding corridors and majestic chambers, where you can admire displays of armor and the renowned Crown Jewels.

Nothing will prepare you for the Crown Jewels which were worth the price of admission alone. This is a fascinating place to visit and one of our family’s favorite spots in London.

You get the opportunity to truly explore history with its many rooms, hallways, and buildings that are at the site.

You can buy tickets to the Tower of London here.

Sky Garden

Sky Garden

Experience breathtaking views of London from the stunning observation deck atop the Fenchurch Building, also known as the Walkie-Talkie Building. Admission is free, but advance ticket reservations are required.

The outdoor observation deck is the highlight, offering panoramic vistas, while the indoor atrium features lush greenery, creating a marvelous garden to explore. For a sunset visit, book tickets early due to high demand.


London, UK

Make the most of your three days in London with this itinerary, ensuring you discover some of the city’s highlights. It’s a destination your family will love. Once your plans are set, be sure to check out our practical packing list for London. If you’re still deciding on accommodations, our guide to the best areas to stay in London will help you choose wisely. Have fun in London!


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The Perfect 3 Day London Itinerary For Families
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