The Travel Essentials Women Must Have (2024)

What you decide to pack can make or break your vacation. Sure there are things that you know for sure you’re bringing, but even among those items, there’s an endless list of options to choose from. So where do you start? You start here with a sensational list of the travel essentials women must have. 

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Sunscreen stick

Traveling by plane involves all types of restrictions, but one of the most challenging is the restriction on liquids. If you want to protect yourself from the sun and get around those restrictions then this sunscreen stick will do both.

Lip balm

Wherever your travels take you whether it’s the beach or exploring city streets, having good protection for your lips is a necessity. Not to mention the air in airplanes is notoriously dry. This lip balm not only protects your skin but includes SPF 30 sunscreen protection.

Face wash and cream

Keep up your skincare routine while on the road with this essential face wash and face cream. The face wash is from Neutrogena, the face cream comes with SPF 35.

Rechargeable travel makeup mirror

The light in your hotel or Airbnb is probably not going to be good enough to make sure your makeup is flawless. This makeup mirror comes with its light so that you have what you need to look your best. It’s also slim so it doesn’t take up much space in your luggage.

Disposable paper soap sheets

These are handy because they’re so portable that you can use them when you’re out and about. They can also be used in case there isn’t enough soap available in your Airbnb. No matter where you’re at these little sheets can help keep you clean.

Detergent sheets

For extended vacations, you’ll often find it practical to wash some items instead of bringing enough clothing for each day. When it comes time to clean your clothes, these detergent sheets are more than up to the task. Perhaps more importantly they’re not liquid and they’re easy to pack.



Dressing in layers is great to save space but also to be prepared with varying temperatures in the morning or night. Also, it’s always great to have another layer when flying. This cardigan is light and casual but stylish.


Traveling in the summer gives you many options for fashion. This dress gives you the style that you’re looking for and is comfortable. It also comes in many different bold colors to match any style.


These soft versatile high-waisted loose-leg jeans can be worn in any season and can be dressed up or dressed down. They’re perfect for a vacation where you might be doing a little bit of everything. 


Who needs full-length pants when it’s a beautiful hot summer day? These shorts are easy to pair with a variety of tops and come in colors that are easy to match.


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Keeping your feet comfortable is one of the highest priorities when traveling. While you want to be comfortable you still want to be chic. These come with a rubber-supported sole and several designs.

These sneakers are perfect for a casual day out.


This terrific sandal will look great with almost anything and even has memory foam soles to keep your feet comfy for a long time.


Praia Dona Ana

What’s a vacation with a trip to the pool or some other fun body of water? Pack this for the fun, relaxing part of your trip.

Compression socks

These socks are great for improving circulation fit perfectly and don’t slip. For long flights, these socks are an excellent substitute for your regular socks and provide extra protection.

Washable reusable lint roller

When on vacation you want your clothes to look their best and that means no lint! Keep the lint off with this reusable lint roller. It’s compact and can fit easily into your luggage and it gets the job done. 


Carry on

One of the most important parts of planning your trip is deciding which luggage to take. If you plan to go carry-on only then your luggage is of even more importance.

The optimal luggage is spacious, fits airline guidelines, and is versatile and sturdy. This carry-on is all of that and more.


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A good versatile backpack makes a big difference in travel. It not only stores items but helps you to stay organized. You can use it as luggage or a personal item on a plan. It can then be used as a day bag if necessary when you reach your destination. This backpack is the perfect travel companion.

Crossbody bag

When you’re out and about on vacation, carrying around your regular bag may not be practical or safe. A more secure bag, but that can also hold the essentials is what you’re going to go for. This bag does that and looks good as well.

This sling-style bag is much smaller for when you don’t need as much space.

Packing cubes

The secret to going carry on only? Packing cubes. The secret to staying organized with all of your clothing? Packing cubes. If you’re bringing a little or a lot of packing cubes helps to keep things organized and helps you to maximize your luggage space. Get these to help you.

Pill organizer

Keep all of your medication and vitamins in one place with this pill organizer. It’s easy to keep them separated and in order. It’s easy to use and with a handy snap-shut lid to keep everything secure.

Toiletry travel bag

This bag comes with a rotating metal hook, convenient carry handle, pockets, double zippers, and is water resistant. Use it to hold your lotions, creams, perfumes, and various items in one place.

Travel makeup bag

This makeup bag has several compartments to keep all of your makeup supplies neat and organized. It’s made of high-quality leather which is smooth and durable. It opens in a way that you can see everything all at once, so no fumbling around looking for things, it’s all right there.

Sunglasses organizer case

Bringing (and keeping safe) multiple sunglasses has never been easier with this organizer case. Its unique folding design ensures that it takes up minimal space but still keeps your glasses protected and easily accessible.

Sunglasses case

If you only need a case for one pair of sunglasses then this is it. This semi-hard case keeps your glasses safe. This case comes with a carabiner-style clip which allows it to be attached to your bag or backpack.

Travel bottles for toiletries

Traveling with liquids can be tricky on an airplane. These bottles will help make sure that you have the liquids that you need and that they’re organized without fear of leakage. This comes with the bottles as well as the clear container to put them in.

Travel jewelry case organizer

This foldable case is the organizer that you need when traveling. It fits all types of jewelry and stores them in a way that is accessible and easy to use. It comes in a variety of colors. It’s compact at 8.5 x 13 x 0.6 inches and still has partition storage.

Portable digital baggage scale

Make sure that your luggage is not oversized before you get to the airport, with this portable scale. Don’t end up with a surprise! Even after shopping and returning home, can make sure the bag is not too big.

Swimsuit wet and dry bag

A day at the beach is made even easier with this wet-dry bag. You don’t have to worry about what to do about a wet swimsuit when you have to travel. Simply keep it in this bag and pack it as normal.



A flight requires good headphones. They’re useful when listening to music or watching a movie or helping to block out noisy passengers. Block out noise when trying to sleep. It’s also good to have them on layovers, and downtime at your accommodations.

If you’re looking for something a little smaller and sleeker, go with these earbuds.

Universal adapter

Going to a foreign country means that you’ll likely have to deal with an electrical outlet different from what you’re used to. That’s where an adapter comes into play. A universal adapter like this one can fit outlets in several different countries.

Be careful though and make sure that your devices can run on the 220V standard that is common in many parts of the world. If not, then you will run into major problems.


Having a way to communicate and navigate your new surroundings is imperative. Also, you’ll want to take pics for great memories and of course to post on social. What better way to do that than with one of the best? 


Airline entertainment options can be limited or simply not what you want. Make the trip a little better by loading up your favorite shows and movies so that you’re guaranteed to have something you love. 

Travel cable organizer

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to detangle the numerous cords that magically seem to become intertwined by merely sitting in your bag. Take a bit of stress away and keep everything in order with this practical organizer. 

Portable charger

When you’re away from your hotel or apartment all day snapping pic, and taking videos using Google Maps even the heartiest battery is going to be tested. This charger will make sure you have the juice to do whatever you need all day long.


The Travel Essentials Women Must Have (2024)
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