The Essential 4 Days In Paris Itinerary For Families

Paris is an exceptional destination for a family vacation. This stunning city is rich in culture, delectable cuisine, and iconic landmarks. Discover how to plan your visit to this incredible place. From the breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower to the charming cobblestone streets, this 4 day Paris itinerary will help you navigate an unforgettable family trip to the City of Lights.

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Eiffel Tower

Discovering one of the world’s most iconic landmarks is an essential part of any Parisian adventure. Start your journey by visiting this extraordinary site, conveniently accessible via the metro to Trocadero station.

As you step out near the Trocadero Station, you’ll be steps away from a magnificent reveal of the Eiffel Tower. This spot offers one of the finest vantage points to admire the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower in Paris

Although situated across the river, the view is nothing short of spectacular. On the opposite bank, the Champ de Mars provides a different perspective.

For families, the nearby carousel is a fun stop to take near the tower.

The tower itself is so striking and iconic that just seeing it is often a memorable experience.

For those who want a closer look, tickets for entry are available for purchase here. For guided tour options and more, check here.

Arc de Triomphe

This monument proudly graces the heart of Paris. It’s not just a sight to behold from afar; you can also ascend its 284 steps to reach the summit and its observation deck.

Arc de Triomphe

From there, take in a panoramic view of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower and the bustling Champs Elysees below. Don’t miss the mesmerizing bird’s-eye perspective of one of the city’s busiest roundabouts.

In addition to the observation deck and the climb, you’ll find intriguing exhibits and even a souvenir shop inside. 

Securing your tickets in advance is highly recommended for this unforgettable experience.

Champs Elysees

After exploring the Arc de Triomphe, continue along the illustrious Champs Elysees, starting right from the Arc itself.

Whether you’re looking for indulgent shopping or simply enjoy strolling past glamorous displays, this grand avenue epitomizes Parisian charm.

Champs Elysees

Despite its opulent allure, the Champs Elysees also has affordable retail options which gives you an opportunity to say that you purchased something on the Champs Elysees.

The Louvre

Here’s a fantastic opportunity to experience Paris’s rich arts and culture scene. Marvel at breathtaking masterpieces like the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Winged Victory of Samothrace, and my personal favorite, The Coronation of Napoleon.

With so much to explore, it’s wise to download a floor plan and strategize your visit.

Beyond its extraordinary art collection, the Louvre dazzles with its architectural grandeur, once a royal residence and now crowned with its iconic pyramid.

The Louvre

While lines to enter can be lengthy, consider lesser-known entrances like the Carrousel du Louvre beneath the glass pyramid. Surprisingly, they often offer shorter waits than the main entrance. Pre-purchasing tickets is highly recommended.

If you just want an entrance ticket to the Louvre, you can buy that here.

For the several other interesting tour options, you can check them out and buy the ticket that you want here.

For families with children, timing is key. While afternoons might seem less crowded, visiting the Louvre late in the day can be challenging for tired little ones. Consider adjusting your itinerary accordingly to ensure an enjoyable experience for all.

Jardin des Tuileries

Set amidst the dynamic cityscape, this enchanting park emerges as a serene sanctuary, granting solace from the bustling urban rhythm. Enhanced by a carousel, a serene duck pond, and an artfully crafted playground, it offers a charming retreat for both young and old alike.

Jardin des Tuileries

The park’s charms comes from its carefully manicured rows of trees and shrubs, creating beautiful scenery wherever you look. Abundant seating allows visitors to relax peacefully, and revel in nature’s splendor amid the urban sprawl.

With a designated area for children to play, Jardin des Tuileries is the perfect mixture of fun and beauty.


Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens

Paris, celebrated for its captivating architecture and charms is also the home to several charming parks.. Luxembourg Gardens is one of the places that families love to visit in Paris. They love sailing toy boats on the pond, taking walks through its grounds and viewing the fountains and statues.

It’s also the perfect spot for a picnic. This green oasis is created in a classical French garden design, set against the majestic backdrop of the Palais du Luxembourg. 

Latin Quarter

After leaving Luxembourg Gardens, you have the opportunity to leisurely wander through the captivating streets of the Latin Quarter on foot.

A significant part of the Quarter’s allure lies in its winding cobblestone pathways, adorned with quaint bookstores, charming cafes, and eclectic boutiques.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, perhaps pausing to check out an art gallery or indulge in a savory treat at a cozy café.

En route, don’t miss the chance to explore iconic landmarks such as the Pantheon, Sorbonne University, Shakespeare and Company Bookstore, or the Saint Sulpice Church, each adding its own unique flavor to this historic neighborhood.

Catacombs of Paris

A tour of the Catacombs of Paris provides a unique experience and a different view of the city. Dating back to the 19th century, the catacombs offer a fascinating glimpse into Paris’ history.

They also show remarkable engineering skill as well as insights into geology and anthropology. Taking a tour will give you a more detailed look into Paris’ past and is a must see for anyone looking for something a bit out of the ordinary.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France

Despite enduring significant fire damage and its present closure, Notre Dame Cathedral remains a destination of profound significance.

A captivating embodiment of French Gothic architecture, Notre Dame carries a storied past as a site of royal coronations, etching its legacy into the annals of French history.

Despite its present condition, the cathedral stands as a beacon of architectural brilliance and cultural heritage.

Seine River Cruise

Exploring the stunning city of Paris from the water offers a truly magical experience. Many Seine River cruises wind their way from the iconic Eiffel Tower to the majestic Notre Dame Cathedral, going through the heart of the city.

While any time of day promises enchanting views, going on your cruise as the sun sets provides the opportunity to view Paris as daylight fades and the city begins to  illuminate with its many lights.

Our family loved every moment of our cruise, finding it to be an unforgettable journey through the heart of Paris. 

You can purchase your tickets to a Seine River Cruise here.



Just beyond the outskirts of Paris lies one of the world’s most magnificent palaces: Versailles, a testament to the opulence and grandeur of King Louis XIV. Constructed in the elegant French Baroque style, this architectural marvel stuns visitors with its splendor.

A tour through the palace unveils treasures such as the dazzling Hall of Mirrors, the majestic Royal Chapel, and the sumptuously adorned chambers of the King and Queen.

Palace of Versailles

Adjacent to the palace sprawls the expansive Palace Gardens, a vast complex of meticulously manicured greenery.

For entrance to the palace and the gardens you can purchase that here.

For other tour options, be sure to check them out and purchase the ticket that you want here.

Since Versailles lies outside the city limits, allow approximately 45 minutes for travel from Paris. Opting for the RER C train to Versailles Rive Gauche station is the most efficient mode of transport.

From there, a pleasant 10-15 minute walk leads to the palace. Remember, the RER C train system operates separately from the regular Paris metro, so be sure that you’re familiar with its routes. You can access a map of RER C train stops here for reference.

Musee d’Orsay

Musee d’Orsay contains an impressive collection of works by artists such as Monet, Van Gogh and Degas. You’ll likely be impressed not only by the art that the museum holds, but also by the architecture of the building as it’s housed in a Beaux-Arts railway station.

This museum is a must see for art and history lovers. You can purchase your tickets to Musee d’Orsay here.

Place de la Concorde

Following your trip to the Musee d’Orsay, make your way across the Seine River by way of the Passerelle Leopold-Sedar-Senghor pedestrian bridge. Walk along the Seine until you reach the largest public square in Paris, the Place de la Concorde.

This massive public space includes the Obelisk of Luxor, beautiful fountains and is surrounded by grand avenues. It also borders the scenic Jardins de Tuileries.


Galeries Lafayette

Start your day off with some shopping at one of the most popular shopping locations in Paris. Galeries Lafayette is one of the world’s leading department stores and provides an amazing luxury shopping experience.

With it being in Paris of course the architecture is splendid with its Art Nouveau design and iconic glass dome. A good thing is that even though it has a luxury reputation, there are plenty of items to purchase at regular prices.

Montmartre/Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur in Paris, France

Take time to visit Montmartre, a historic district in Paris known for its bohemian design and artistic heritage. This charming, picturesque neighborhood is full of art studios, art galleries and an artistic spirit.

It’s also the home of the stunning Sacre-Coeur Basillica which is perched on the highest point in Paris. This provides some awesome panoramic views of the city. In Montmartre you’ll also find the Moulin Rouge.

Palais Garnier

This iconic landmark, and one of the most famous opera houses in the world was built in 1875 and is designed in the Beaux-Arts style with an opulent facade. It’s a stunning building to see even from the outside as you walk through the heart of Paris.

Food tour

Taking a food tour is an excellent way to experience Paris’ culinary offerings and vibrant food culture. You’ll get to try authentic French dishes, visit some of the best bakeries, patisseries and local markets and of course sample the food as you go.

Not only will you get to try the amazing food, but be guided by a knowledgeable expert. Food tours are a great way for kids to experience Paris’ history and culture in a fun way.

Musee Rodin

In a city of great museums, Musee Rodin provides an intriguing cultural experience. It’s here that you’ll get to experience the works of French sculptor Auguste Rodin. This includes perhaps his most famous work, “The Thinker”.

The museum also contains beautiful gardens which contain his sculptures. While Rodin’s works are featured, you’ll also find works by Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Purchase your tickets here for a visit to this amazing museum.


Getting around Paris is fairly easy for a family due to the extensive and efficient public transportation system.

The metro is the key to this system and is one of the best ways to get around Paris. While London’s Tube gets all of the publicity, Paris’ system is equally great.

There are 16 lines that cover nearly the entire city. The stations are easy to navigate and they’re set up in such a way that even a first time visitor wouldn’t have any problem getting around on their own.

Metro sign in Paris, France

On our visit to Paris, we found the metro to be fast and easy to use. There was constantly another train coming so there was no worry about missing your train. 

Along with the metro system, the bus network can also be a great way to get around Paris. It works in complement with the metro system and may even cover areas that the metro don’t reach.

Paris is a walkable city and when combined with the metro should make up the majority of transportation plan for your visit.

When walking you’ll get the added benefit of exploring this fascinating city and finding hidden gems.


Your stay in Paris will likely be a thrilling adventure for your entire family. You’ll experience a lot of what makes Paris a favorite among tourists. As you plan your visit, make sure that you know the best areas to stay in during your trip as well as things to know for your first visit to Paris. Bon voyage!


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The Essential 4 Days In Paris Itinerary For Families
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