The Best Tips For Booking Flights To The Algarve For A Family

Planning and preparing for a family vacation to The Algarve is so exciting because the Algarve is an amazing region to explore. Before you arrive at your destination, you have to arrange for a flight for your family. This may seem overwhelming and complex due to the number of options available. The good thing is you have our best tips for booking flights to The Algarve for a family to help you navigate the process. Follow these tips to book like a pro!

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When you plan your trip to the Algarve, the earlier you purchase your tickets the better the price will likely be. There aren’t going to be many last-minute deals especially when you’re looking for multiple tickets for a family.

Our family often starts the search up to 10 months in advance. This gives us time to search, compare, and find deals. As soon as we see a great price we jump on it immediately! Search FlightsImage


Comparing fares is the best way to find a great deal on a flight to the Algarve. allows you to compare the fares of several airlines at once so that you can spot the best price and itinerary.

If you have a preferred airline, you can use the filter to make sure that you can compare that airline with others. We also like to sort by departure and arrival date and of course by price. Search FlightsImage


Traveling with a family is often centered around when the kids are out of school and free to travel. For many families, the best time is during summer break.

With an open schedule and great weather, summer is easily one of the most popular times to travel. That leads to overcrowding and higher prices.

To combat this and yet still gain the benefits of traveling in summer, our family decided to travel to the Algarve in June. The weather was perfect, it wasn’t too crowded and we got an amazing deal on our flight.

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Besides traveling in June, also make sure to check the dates before and after your planned travel dates. Moving your travel dates around by a day or so can mean significant savings of hundreds of dollars for a family.


The best way to keep your eye out for deals is to let Google Flights do the bulk of the work for you. Enter your travel dates and destination and set your alerts to be sent to email. Now you’ll be notified whenever there is a significant price change. You can set several alerts to run at the same time, using different dates or locations.

Along with the automated alerts, be certain to check the sites yourself at times because some discounts can disappear before you’re even alerted.


Your hometown airport isn’t always going to be your best option, especially if you don’t live in a major city. Include other nearby airports in your search to give you more options. This can save a family of four thousands of dollars.

Our family does this for all of our trips to Europe. Even though we live in Cleveland, we have family in Toronto, so we fly out of Toronto. On our trip to the Algarve, this saved us over $3,000 and additional layovers.

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Even if you have to drive a few hours and maybe even stay the night, it will likely be worth it if it means that you get to visit the Algarve.


No matter what option you choose, you’ll likely be routed through Lisbon on your way to the Algarve. Sometimes, though, it pays to book your tickets separately. When you’re searching don’t just set your destination for Faro (which is the airport that serves the Algarve region).

Search for flights to Lisbon or Porto to see if you can grab an amazingly cheap flight. If a great deal shows up, book that deal and then worry about the rest later.

There are plenty of inexpensive regional flights that can take you from Lisbon or Porto to the Algarve, or better yet, include either of these destinations in your itinerary and then you’ll have the option of driving to the Algarve.

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Comparison sites are excellent for searching for a great deal. There are times, though, when the airline has the best deal. In that case, you’ll only find it on their website. For a trip to Portugal, make sure to check out TAP Portugal because they often have amazing deals for trips to Portugal.


If you have a preferred airline, you can take advantage of that and sign up for their loyalty or rewards program. This way you get to accumulate benefits as you travel. The savings can add up for a family and you may eventually earn a free flight. 

Look into the programs that credit card companies offer. Capital One, Chase Bank, and American Express have some great programs for travelers where you can earn a lot of points and other benefits that can be applied to your travel.


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Before you book your flight and start making reservations check the passport and visa requirements for entry into Portugal. For citizens of the United States, Canada, and the U.K. you can visit Portugal for up to 90 days without a visa.

You’ll just need a valid passport with enough eligibility for three months past your scheduled departure date. So keep that extended period in mind when you check your passport.


Preparing for a trip to the Algarve doesn’t need to be an overwhelming experience. All you have to do is follow the info in our guide and start planning for an amazing adventure. With a bit of planning, you’ll have an incredible flight and trip to the Algarve. Once you have your flight booked, you’ll have to start planning what to do and what to bring. Check out this itinerary for an awesome trip to the Algarve, this essential packing list for your family as well as this essential guide on where to stay in the Algarve. Safe travels!


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The Best Tips For Booking Flights To The Algarve For A Family
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