The Best Space Saving Packing Tips For Family Travel

Planning a family trip can be a challenge especially when it comes to packing efficiently. Being able to pack efficiently can save you money if you’re taking a flight to get to your destination. Packing more efficiently allows you to bring fewer and smaller bags. Even if you aren’t taking a flight, overstuffed suitcases and too much luggage can be stressful to deal with and are best avoided. Having a streamlined process for packing is a win-win. So check out these effective space-saving packing tips that will change your family’s travel experience.

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This is one of the more well-known techniques but it bears mentioning just because it’s so effective and allows you to maximize the space in your bag.

Rolling your clothing is a tried and true space-saving packing technique that also helps to reduce wrinkles by eliminating the creases that folding creates.

Another benefit of rolling your clothing is that it makes them more visible when they’re stacked inside your suitcase. Most importantly it’s the best way for them to fit when you’re using the next tip.


Compression bags help to minimize how much space your clothes take which is a tremendous space saver. You’d be surprised at how much space is saved when these bags are used. Packing cubes are similar but without the vacuum.

Packing cubes still do a wonderful job of saving space by containing your clothing items in a fixed space. Both items help you to stay organized and make items easier to find when you’re searching through your bag.


You rarely need as many clothes as you think you do on a vacation. So the first step will be to take a look at how much you plan to take and immediately reduce that amount.

Next, look at the colors that you’re bringing. Try to stick to a single color palette because that will help you to mix and match. This results in you creating multi-use outfits. 

This strategy is especially effective when you use VRBO, Airbnb, or other services for accommodations since there is a chance that you’ll have access to a washer and dryer. 

Select pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down and can match other items that you bring so that they can be worn more than once. You don’t have to worry about doing a bunch of laundry on your vacation since on a two-week vacation you would only need to wash once and it’ll be quite effective.


Are there some items that the entire family or multiple people use? Combine them into one container instead of multiple containers.

Even if you’re flying and have to abide by airline limitations this could still work depending on what’s needed. 

Like the clothing mentioned above, be sure that you need all that you plan to bring and in the quantities that you plan to bring. Make sure to invest in a good case for your toiletries to help keep you organized.

If you research ahead of time and don’t require a specific brand, you may find that you can quickly pick up a few travel-sized items once you reach your destination instead of wasting space packing them. 


When traveling with little ones don’t assume that your strollers, cribs, high chairs, bags, etc are travel-ready and as compact as you need.

If needed it may be wise to purchase items that were specifically designed to be used for travel and therefore are easily collapsible and made for compact storage and transport.

This will save space and likely a bit of stress.


This is kind of a cheat because you’ll naturally be wearing one pair of shoes (I hope) so that’ll mean that you’ll have two pairs of shoes. And even over 2 weeks that should be more than enough.

You can sneak in a pair of flip-flops as well if you plan to head to the beach because they don’t take up much room at all. 

Just choose shoes that will match your outfits and are comfortable. I’ve found that it works well if you simply bring two different types of shoes. For example, I’ll bring one pair of dressy sneakers and one pair of casual sneakers.

They can be dressed up or down and in neutral colors and I’m covered for everything.


This seems like an obvious statement but until you’re desperate for space and packing for a week with only a backpack to use, only then will you fully understand. A few easy things to do:

Roll up your socks and put them in your shoes.

If you’re bringing a hat flip it upside down and fill it with socks or other small items.

Select bags that have plenty of pockets and zippers. It’s the same idea as packing cubes in being able to maximize small spaces and keep them confined to that space.

Find out if you’re able to bring a carry-on or personal item and use all of the items available to you. Even if your item is only a small crossbody bag it can be used to hold items.


By putting to use these space-saving tips you can streamline your packing, save space and cost, and make traveling more fun for everyone. These tips will simplify your process and help you save your energy for planning and enjoying an amazing family trip.

Now that you found out how to be efficient with your packing, check out this article to see what items you should bring if you’re staying in an Airbnb or VRBO type of accommodation.


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The Best Space Saving Packing Tips For Family Travel
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