The Best Day Trips From Lagos Portugal

Visiting the Algarve means having access to an entire region of Portugal that is noted for its natural beauty. The town of Lagos is one of several locations where you can stay and at the same time take advantage of the fascinating sites around you. So while you enjoy the town, also make time for these day trips from Lagos, Portugal.

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Do you want to take a trip to the end of the world? Visit what was once thought of as the end of the world located at the southwesternmost point of Europe at Cabo de Sao Vincente near Sagres.

The dramatic cliffs and waves make for a spectacular landscape fitting its former title. The cape is highlighted by its powerful lighthouse perched above its majestic cliffs.

Fortaleza de Sagres is an ancient fort that can be visited and is similarly situated among the rugged landscape.

Sagres has several beaches that are great to visit. Among the best are Praia do Martinhal, Praia da Mareta, and Praia da Baleeira. Several other beaches are worth exploring and are close to town. 

You can also take time to enjoy the relatively quiet town of Sagres. Unlike other coastal towns of the Algarve, Sagres hasn’t been inundated by tourists, thus maintaining much of its original atmosphere giving you a more authentic feel for the region. The lack of crowds also is nice when picking a beach to enjoy.

Sagres is an approximately 35-minute drive west of Lagos. It’s pretty much a straight shot down N125.


This little town can often be overlooked by the more popular towns of Albufeira, Portimao, Lagos, and Faro. That doesn’t mean that it’s not a great place to visit. The town has beautifully colored homes perched on the hills that descend into the beach. 

The beach consists of beautiful sand and stunning turquoise water. At times it can have an abundance of seaweed so check before you decide to make the trip to the beach. Fortunately, there are ongoing efforts to keep the beach clear.

The town near the beach is full of shops and restaurants and is a nice place to check out. We enjoyed wandering the streets seeing what the town had to offer and having a great meal (and our first taste of pasteis de nata).

Take the hike up the surrounding hill to the east of the beach for an amazing view of the beach area and the town below. 

Further east are the cliffs and caves that this area is famous for. This includes the Carvoeiro Boardwalk which leads to the Algar Seco Rocks, a stunning series of rock formations.

The boardwalk takes you on an extraordinary path atop the cliffs and provides an expansive view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Carvoeiro is about a 36-minute drive from Lagos. You’ll take the A22 most of the way then go through the town of Lagoa via the N124 and N125. 

This route provides a relaxing ride through the Algarve countryside with beautiful views of homes and the natural landscape. This was one of the best parts of our trip to Carvoeiro and a great reason to rent a car on your trip to the Algarve.


This is why so many people come to the Algarve. And I’m sure none of them leave disappointed because this place is exceedingly awesome. There are no words.

There are several points of departure for a boat tour of Benagil Caves and the surrounding caves including Albufeira, Carvoeiro, Portimao, and even Lagos. Tours vary from an hour and a half to multiple hours. 

Most departure points are a mere 30 to 40 minutes from Lagos. 

If you want to be adventurous and kayak or reach the cave by a way other than a boat, then you can make your way to Benagil Beach. There are several options to reach the cave including kayak or paddleboard.

Our family chose the boat tour from Carvoeiro with Carvoeiro Caves and we can’t recommend them enough. The trip was fun with great customer service and an experience that we won’t ever forget.

They were great at giving us information on what to expect as well as walking us through the booking and registration process.


This is perhaps the most popular beach in the Algarve and for good reason. This beach is repeatedly listed among the best beaches in the world so if you’re in the Algarve, it’s a must-visit.

Not only is the sand and the water spectacular, but the surrounding cliffs make for a dramatic landscape when spending a day at the beach. Few locations can match the pure natural beauty that you’ll experience when you visit.

The beach also has nice clean facilities for the restroom and changing. 

There is enough space for busy days as the beautiful sand stretches for a good way and extends westward to a space where the cliffs recess and provide even more room for beachgoers to enjoy.

Don’t miss the “M” rock at the far end of the beach.


While Lisbon can be a day trip from Lagos, it depends on your travel limits regarding day trips. The trip takes approximately 3 hours one way. But if you’re visiting the Algarve and are pressed for time, a day trip to Lisbon is worth it and doable.

The trip will also be worth it since Lisbon is an amazing place to spend a day. The Tower of Belem, Jeronimos Monastery, Sao Jorge Castle, Praco Comercio, and Alfama are just some of the things that you’ll have to pack into your one-day Lisbon visit.

Lisbon is a great city to visit even if you only have a day. Just walking its streets is delightful because the city has such charm and character. 

The city is hilly, but you can make use of its trams to get around while at the same time experiencing the views of the city. Also, make sure to make it to at least one of its miradouros or overlooks which provide breathtaking views of the city.


Lagos by itself is an awesome place to stay when you’re in The Algarve, but taking advantage of all the region has to offer is a good way to spend your time there. Whether it’s visiting other towns or appreciating its natural landscapes you’re sure to have an incredible time in Portugal. While you’re planning your trip, check here to make sure you have what you need for an amazing trip.


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The Best Day Trips From Lagos Portugal
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