Is The Royal Palace of Madrid Worth Visiting?

Planning a trip to Madrid means that you’ll have a nice long list of amazing things to do. But you’ll also have a limited time to do and see all of the amazing things. So when constructing an itinerary for Madrid, that leaves some people to wonder “Is the Royal Palace of Madrid worth visiting?”

Royal Palace of Madrid

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Yes, the Royal Palace of Madrid is worth a visit. This magnificent landmark happens to be the largest palace in Europe with 1,450,000 square feet of floor space. A visit to the official royal residence will find that it has the splendor to match its size. 



Before you even enter the palace you are greeted by a massive courtyard within the palace gates. This is a prelude to what is to come. It’s here that you can capture some magnificent pics of the palace and surrounding area.

Royal Palace of Madrid

As you approach the west end of the courtyard there is a series of arches which then provide you with a panoramic view of the city below.


The Palace has a total of 3,418 rooms! Even though you’ll only be permitted to tour a fraction of them, the ones that you do visit are well worth it. Each room presents itself like a page out of history and tells a story. The captions posted in the rooms also help in this regard. On our visit, we liked that each room seemed to have a theme and was unique. 

Royal Palace of Madrid

Once you begin your tour of the rooms of the palace, photography isn’t permitted, and they’re very strict on that. But that didn’t detract from our tour, instead, it kept us focused on what we were seeing and experiencing.

Royal Palace of Madrid

You can get photos in certain parts of the palace, so don’t worry, you’ll be able to get some great pics.

Throne Room

No visit to a palace is complete without a visit to see where the king and queen sit and this is no exception. The throne room is on the list of rooms that visitors are allowed access to. It’s a cool experience to stand in the literal hall of royalty.


Royal Palace of Madrid

If you love history then you’ll find that the Royal Palace of Madrid is worth visiting. Throughout the tour of the palace, you get the chance to find out the history behind the rooms and the palace itself. The palace was completed in 1755 and the three-plus decades of history are present throughout.


Royal Palace of Madrid

Not only is the palace spectacular, but the surrounding gardens are worth a visit as well. Sabatini Gardens is a prominent feature of the Palace grounds. It’s a beautiful collection of plants, trees, and shrubbery that is a delight to experience. The entire gardens are carefully manicured. It’s a relaxing place to go for a stroll.

Royal Palace of Madrid

Across the street from the palace is the Plaza de Oriente which is the home to another garden. Similarly constructed with meticulously shaped greenery, it’s also a fascinating space to visit.


The best way to visit the Royal Palace of Madrid is to plan ahead. You can purchase tickets online that will allow you to skip the line. 

Royal Palace of Madrid

There are several other options including guided tours and walking tours that include tours of the city and the palace.

Whatever tour you choose, make sure to purchase them ahead of time. On our family’s visit to the palace, we were able to skip a massive line and walk right in simply because we purchased skip-the-line tickets. 

The palace is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Madrid, so there will often be a line to get in. 


Royal Palace of Madrid

Buy your tickets, take your pics (in the allowed areas), and be wowed by the awesomeness that is the Royal Palace of Madrid. Once you’re finished with the palace there is so much more to see in the city. Be sure to check out our essential itinerary for your family trip to Madrid as well as our guide on where to stay during your visit.


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Is The Royal Palace of Madrid Worth Visiting?
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