Is The Pantheon Worth Visiting?

When planning your trip to Rome, you’ll find that there is a seemingly endless list of fascinating things to see. This can make putting together an itinerary a challenge. But with so much to see in Rome, is the Pantheon worth visiting?

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Yes, the Pantheon is worth visiting. It stands among Rome’s many historic marvels as an absolute masterpiece of architecture and engineering. It’s also one of few structures of its age that stands wholly preserved, much in the same way as when it was constructed. A visit to the Pantheon is an unforgettable experience not to be missed.


It’s An Architectural Wonder

The Pantheon is known for its incredible architecture, especially its enormous dome. Built some 2,000 years ago, the dome is still the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world. The engineering behind this fascinating building can only be fully appreciated in person.

Historical Significance

Constructed between 118 and 125 AD during Emperor Hadrian’s reign, the Pantheon offers a link to Rome’s imperial history. Stepping foot in the Pantheon is a remarkable way to experience the history of Rome.

Remarkable Preservation

For such an old building, the Pantheon is surprisingly intact. This is in part due to its constant usage through the centuries. It’s gone from being used as a pagan temple to a Christian church.

This allows you to visit and experience it similarly as many people have through the years since it remains in its original form. We were amazed at the detail of the Pantheon and how well preserved it was when we visited.

The Oculus

The 30-foot wide opening at the center of the dome is a source of natural light. It not only illuminates the building but creates fascinating shadows which adds to the ambiance.

The Oculus serves as more than just a light source as it also serves an important structural purpose of lessening the weight of the dome allowing it to remain unsupported.


The Pantheon provides a wonderful blend of ancient Roman and Christian elements. The building was originally dedicated to all of Romes’ gods but was later converted to a Christian church in 609 AD. This mix of cultures is shown through the design and decorations throughout the Pantheon.

Stunning Interior

The entire interior of the Pantheon is stunning to admire. From the massive Corinthian columns to the intricate chapels and the epic doors, the size, scale, and aesthetic make it a remarkable place to visit.

Resting Place of Raphael

This is the final resting place of Raphael, one of the most prominent Renaissance artists. His tomb lies alongside those of Italian kings and other dignitaries.

It’s Inexpensive to Visit

Like several other landmarks in Rome, the Pantheon is inexpensive. This makes it a great place to visit for budget travelers and families. 

It’s Centrally Located

Sitting in the heart of historic Rome, the Pantheon is within easy walking distance of several other amazing sites such as the Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navona. As you make your way across Rome, it’s easy to visit. You may even be able to stroll by a few other times as well.

Vibrant Piazza

The Pantheon is situated in the bustling Piazza della Rotunda an energetic square surrounded by cafes and restaurants. After visiting the Pantheon, we enjoyed taking a seat, relaxing, and watching everything going on. The atmosphere and amazing setting make it one of the best spots in Rome.


The Pantheon is centrally located in Rome in the Piazza della Rotunda. It’s about a four-minute walk east of Piazza Navona. From the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, you can easily walk down Via di Torre Argentina or Via dei Cestari which will lead you right into the piazza.


If you want basic entry tickets, you can purchase them once you arrive on-site. However, there are several other options such as guided tours and tickets that will allow you to skip the line.


When making your plans to visit Rome, you have to include a visit to the Pantheon. Its architecture, history, and design are something wonderful to behold and experience. And for minimal cost, you can step into history. Before your trip, be sure to check out our essential itinerary for a family trip to Rome as our guide on the 9 other must-see monuments across the city. Safe travels!


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Is The Pantheon Worth Visiting?
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