Is Naples A Walkable City?

Naples is a vibrant and historic city that is a delight to explore. Once you visit, you’ll see for yourself that there is so much to discover among its ancient streets and narrow alleys. You’ll also find that it’s among these narrow streets that you’ll find the best of Naples is discovered by foot. But is Naples a walkable city?

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Yes, Naples is a walkable city. It practically begs to be explored on foot, unveiling its charm in intricate historic details found only by strolling its ancient streets. The city’s allure extends to numerous pedestrian-only zones and pedestrian-friendly areas, ensuring a delightful walking experience. The very core of historic Naples exclusively caters to pedestrians, enhancing the immersive journey through its rich heritage.

Naples has its well-worn charm that is evident as soon as you arrive. It’s a city that has been described as a bit rough around the edges, but it possesses an authentic lived-in feel that other popular tourist cities don’t possess.

You experience this when you get to walk the streets among the crowds and chaos that the city is known for. 

Naples is a city situated on numerous hills which can make walking a challenge. You can easily meet this challenge with a bit of planning as the hills aren’t overwhelming.  

We walked everywhere when we were in Naples and the hills weren’t much of a problem for our family of four.  It was a fun way to get to see the city. We also made sure not to over plan our itinerary so that we could take our time and not feel rushed.

If you wear comfortable shoes and go at a pace that’s comfortable for you and your family and you’ll be fine. It also helps to stop for a gelato break whenever necessary! 

Make use of their great public transportation system when you get tired of being on your feet. Both the bus and the metro are easy and convenient to use.


While you want to look good on our trip to Italy, if you want to see the city on foot(and you should), then you’ll need something that is also practical and comfortable. 

This is especially important because, like many other historic European cities, Naples has many cobblestoned streets and walkways. These surfaces can make walking uncomfortable if you don’t have the proper footwear. To help solve that problem, consider the following options:

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Exploring the streets of Naples is one of the best parts of visiting the city, but if you want a tour planned for you, there are several great tours to choose from. These are some of the best:

Naples Walking Tour with Underground Ruins

City Center Walking Tour with Underground Naples

Walking Tour of Historic Naples

Naples Street Food and Walking Tour

You can find many other tour options here that will provide you with a unique way to experience the city.


If you head out on your own and explore Naples you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by this charming city. Check out a few areas that I’m sure you’ll love exploring by foot.


This narrow, vibrant street cuts right through the historic center of Naples. While not completely free of car traffic many portions of it are pedestrian-only. This makes for an awesome way to experience the character of the heart of Naples.

It’s here that you’ll find centuries-old buildings, shops, and delicious places to eat.

We got to walk down this street and it’s essentially Naples at its best. It was even better that we got to stop and eat outside while watching Naples go by.

Via Toledo

Via Toledo is an energetic and busy shopping street that has marked improvements in recent years to make it even more pedestrian-friendly. There is a great variety of everything from expensive shopping boutiques to unique street vendors. This will provide you with a complete shopping experience. 

Our family loved this street, it truly has a bit of something for everyone and it was fun just seeing what all was there.

As a bonus make sure to come through the Toledo metro station. It’ll be one of the coolest metro stations that you’ve been in.

You can start at the Toledo metro station and continue down to Piazza del Plebiscito.

Via Nazario Sauro

For the best views of the waterfront, this is the place to be. This scenic promenade stretches alongside the Bay of Naples for a spectacular view across the water and all of the way out to Mount Vesuvius.

You can follow this walkway down to Castel del Ovo for one of the best views of the city.


Naples is the perfect city to get to know by walking its streets. There is so much character and charm to be discovered and I’m sure that you’ll love what you find. Once you decide that you want to explore the city on foot, you have to decide what you want to see.  Check out this practical family itinerary, our essential guide on the best areas to stay in Naples and the ultimate packing list for your trip and start planning your Naples adventure now!


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Is Naples A Walkable City?
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