Is Bertrand Bookstore Worth Visiting?

Bertrand Bookstore is a fascinating unassuming landmark in Lisbon, Portugal. It holds a unique place in the history of the city and is located in a popular neighborhood near a lot of other interesting locations. But with so much to see in Lisbon, is Bertrand Bookstore worth visiting?


Yes, Bertrand Bookstore is worth a visit! This charming corner of Lisbon is full of 280 years of literary history and holds the claim as the world’s oldest operating bookstore. The charming atmosphere is perfect for book lovers looking for a unique piece of Lisbon and the perfect souvenir, a great way to remember your visit to Lisbon.


Bertrand Bookstore

We enjoyed our visit to Bertrand Bookstore. They have a nice sized English section so there are plenty of books to choose from for us English speakers.

I purchased a book about the history of Portugal and had it stamped once it was purchased which I thought was pretty cool. I also grabbed a tote bag with “Bertrand Bookstore” emblazoned on the side.

Overall it was an enjoyable experience, spending time looking around, checking out the books, and being able to purchase a nice book from the oldest operating bookstore in the world.


The bookstore, founded by Pedro Faure, has endured centuries of momentous events in Lisbon’s history including revolutions, earthquakes, and more.

The traditional interior includes wooden bookshelves and a feel of old-world charm that takes you back to a time when books were the all-important means of transmitting thoughts and ideas. It’s a place that you go to to find an interesting read and experience a certain kind of atmosphere.


The bookstore is more than a bookstore but is more like a literary sanctuary. The smell of old books, creaking wood floors, and the sound of slowly turned pages create an atmosphere that is not often found elsewhere.

Bertrand Bookstore

The store has a wonderfully curated selection of books that cover many genres. There’s enough variety to satisfy numerous literary tastes, from classic masterpieces to contemporary favorites, this bookstore has a bit of everything.


While the historical importance of the bookstore is often most prominent, over the years, it has evolved into a hub of culture in the area. Author events, book signings, and literary discussions often take place here.

Despite being on many tourist must-see lists, the bookstore keeps a local feel continuing to engage with the local literary community.


Bertrand Bookstore

Taking the time to leisurely explore all of the hidden corners of Bertrand Bookstore is a delight. You’ll likely find antique editions, rare manuscripts, and unique literary treasures if you look for them.

Whether you’re a book collector or someone who just enjoys finding unique copies, Bertrand Bookstore offers you a wonderful opportunity/experience.


To complete the full experience, Bertrand Bookstore features Cafe Bertrand a charming space where you can enjoy your coffee, a light meal, and a wonderful book at the same time.


Bertrand Bookstore is worth visiting for anyone who has a love of literature, history, and old traditional bookstores. Being the world’s oldest operating bookstore just makes it all the better and makes for a unique and charming experience. There’s so much to see in Lisbon, but while you’re compiling your itinerary for your visit to Lisbon, be sure to include this wonderful bookstore.


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Is Bertrand Bookstore Worth Visiting?
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