How to Visit the Colosseum With Kids

When your family decides to visit Rome, plan on being amazed. Rome is a brilliant city for kids to visit. It has an impressive list of things to do but perhaps the best thing is to visit the Colosseum with kids. This historic site is absolutely captivating, but requires a bit of planning so that your family gets the most out of your visit. Here are a few things to consider to make sure that you have a sensational experience.

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With my family in the Colosseum in Rome

Keep in mind that one of the best things for families visiting the Colosseum is that kids 17 and under are free when you purchase the standard entry ticket. You’ll just have to obtain a free ticket at the cash desk located inside the Colosseum after you go through the security line.

With tickets already purchased, we just had to go through the much more manageable security line.

The tickets that we had were also prepaid online which makes the whole process much easier. You’re able to bypass the horrendously massive line to buy tickets on-site (seriously you do not want to have to stand in that line).

The security line can be long at times, depending on the time of year that you visit among other factors. Still, it’s not as bad as having to stand in the line to purchase tickets and then stand in the security line as well.

Besides the standard entry ticket, there are several ticket packages that you can choose from. The fast track entry ticket with a guided tour includes access to the Colosseum and Palatine Hill/Forum and is a great option.

You can also choose between visiting the underground sections of the Colosseum, a guided tour among other options. These tickets to the Colosseum can all be purchased easily online.


Aside from the standard tours and ticket packages, there are also Colosseum tours for families. They were created specifically with families in mind. These kid-friendly tours can help young ones stay engaged and enjoy the experience.

This will give you a more comprehensive experience and a more detailed understanding of the Colosseum and Palatine Hill. This is particularly helpful for Palatine Hill since the majority of the site is literally in ruins.


Palatine Hill in Rome

Your ticket to the Colosseum will include access to the ruins at Palatine Hill which is near the Colosseum. This is a wonderful opportunity to visit the remnants of one of the great areas of ancient Rome.

This would be a better experience with a guided tour as the site is literally all ruins save for a structure or two.

It is a fascinating area, but there is very little explanation or signage. For adults, it may be enough to wander the grounds and admire the ruins.

For little ones, though, it might get really boring really quickly, which is a great reason to purchase a guided tour which includes Palatine Hill.

Also, since this site is all out in the open, you want to be aware of the sun as it can get really hot.


There will be workers assisting people to get to the correct lines and get to the rights spots. There are also individuals that are looking to sell you tours. Just be sure that you know who you’re talking to and they are actual Colosseum workers.

Since you have already purchased your tickets online, ask around (again make sure that they’re actual workers) and make sure that you’re in the correct line.

There’s going to be a pretty large mass of people, and it’s easy to get confused. It’s best to simply ask. You’ll want to be in the line for security.

And for further clarification and direction, you can explain your situation. You’ll want additional direction if you want free tickets for your kids.

With your ticket already purchased, once you get through security, you’ll need to stop by the ticket office and pick up the tickets for your kids. You can then continue through the process and get your tickets scanned for access to the Colosseum.


The best time to visit the Colosseum with kids is either early in the morning or the afternoon. While either option can help to mitigate the effects of the heat and large crowds, the morning is your best bet.

You can expect your visit to be between 1.5 and 4 hours depending on the type of tour that you select and if you decide to include Palatine Hill and The Forum. An early start will help you to be able to see what you want before it gets too hot and crowded.

If you’re visiting in the summer, the heat can still be a bit much early to late afternoon. Once you’re inside the main arena of the Colosseum there is little to no shade.

With no cover, the sun can be a bit overbearing if it’s a warm day. This is especially the case in the summer when families are likely to be visiting.

Another benefit of going in the morning is that the kids aren’t already tired out from a full day. That means that they’re fresh and ready to go!


June is one of the best months to go to the Colosseum with kids because it’s during summer break. It’s also before the heat has begun to take full effect in Rome. July and August can be insufferable especially for this site and with kids.

June can still be quite warm, but not to the oppressive levels that July and August can bring. This is your best chance to visit that will combine nice weather without it being too hot while also being a time you can go while the kids are out of school.

Standing in the corridor in the Colosseum in Rome
Inside the Colosseum in Rome


It greatly depends on the season. If you’re coming during the summer months like most families you have to be aware of the heat and the sun.

A hat for little ones (and adults) as well as sunglasses would be a good start. Good walking shoes with decent grip are also good to have. Some of the walking surfaces can be a bit uneven and a bit slippery in spots.

Inside the stairwell in the Colosseum in Rome

You’ll also need good footwear if you plan on making it up to the second level of the Colosseum. The stairways are great to walk in, but the stairs are a bit steeper than you’re probably used to. Going up and down requires a bit of caution especially for younger ones.

This practical guide can help you decide what to bring for your trip to Rome including items that are useful for your visit to the Colosseum.


Kids relaxing at the Colosseum in Rome

It’s not a playground or a park so it’s not necessarily fun in the traditional kid’s sense of fun, but depending on the age most kids will still find the Colosseum fascinating place to visit. Our kids were 9 and 7 when they visited and they loved it.

The Colosseum is easily recognizable and something that they’re probably quite familiar with. Of course, the bonus is being able to enjoy Roman history, architecture and culture live in person.

There are plenty of interactive tours and activities that are geared to kids that provide exciting, hands-on ways to experience the Colosseum. This increase your children’s enjoyment and appreciation of this ancient landmark.

The ticket for adults isn’t incredibly expensive and with kids being free, it’s a great place to include in your itinerary if you’re visiting Italy on a budget.

Visiting the Colosseum is an unforgettable experience for anyone that has the fortune of making the trip, young ones included.


The corridor in the Colosseum in Rome

Hours of operation: The times vary depending on the time of year, it’s best to reference the hours of operation here.

Address: Piazza del Colosseo, 1, 00184 Roma RM, Italy


A visit to the Colosseum is likely going to be the highlight of your trip to Rome, so make sure you have a plan and enjoy it. While the Colosseum may be the most famous monument in Rome, it’s not the only one worthy of a visit. Be sure to check out these other remarkable landmarks and prepare for your trip to Rome with our essential family itinerary so that you don’t miss a thing!


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How to Visit the Colosseum With Kids
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