How To Get To Lagos From Lisbon

Lisbon is a fascinating city, but there is more to Portugal than just Lisbon. Once you’ve explored Lisbon to your heart’s content it’ll be time to move on. And one of the best places to move on to is The Algarve. When it’s time to explore The Algarve, Lagos is a great base. But that raises the intriguing question of how to get to Lagos from Lisbon. 

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The best way to get from Lisbon to Lagos is to drive. Driving from Lisbon to Lagos is approximately a three-hour drive, with stops not included. This means that it’s a fairly simple and easy trip even if it’s your first time taking the journey. 

You can also start in the morning and still have most of the day left by the time you reach Lagos.


Provided you pick up your rental car from Humberto Delgado Airport in Lisbon, you’ll take the A12 across the Ponte Vasco da Gama bridge heading out of Lisbon. Then connect with the A2 following signs for E01/Algarve/Alcacer. This will consist of the bulk of your journey. Once you’re in the Algarve region you take the A22 east towards Lagos/Portimao/Albufeira. Exit 1 toward N125 will take you into town. 

The A12 and 22 are toll roads. The cost isn’t too expensive at about 20 euros or so. You can check with your rental car agency about how the tolls will be collected but most are automatically charged to the credit card you used to reserve your car. In our car, there was a QR-type code on the dash that the toll readers scanned as we drove past. 

The drive was easy, mostly flat, and not a lot of scenery apart from some rolling hills and farms. We used Google Maps to provide directions, but barely needed it since it was such an easy route to take. Most importantly there wasn’t a lot of traffic. It helped that we took the drive on a Monday morning.

There are several gas stations with little stores in them right off of the freeways. That was a chance to refuel if needed and the stores had some snacks and drinks and other food. There were also clean restroom facilities.

Interesting to note that none of the gas stations and stores seemed to be open before 10 a.m.


Since you have a rental car, it will prove invaluable in exploring the Algarve region. Some of the best parts of the Algarve are only accessible by car. This includes the best beach in the region, Praia da Marinha.

With so many little towns, beaches, and cliffs to explore, having a car will give you the freedom to see it all and do it on your schedule.



The two main lines that you can take are Rede Expressos and Flixbus which both provide similar services. They leave from the Sete Rios station and will take you directly to Lagos with minimal stops. The costs for the bus rides depend on when you purchase them, as well as the time you’re planning to rid. Purchasing in advance is a good idea so that you can get a great deal. They can be as cheap as 8 euros and up to around 26 euros. 

You can purchase tickets for your bus ride here.


If you want to fly to get to Lagos, you’ll have to land at Faro International Airport (FAO). TAP Air Portugal handles most of those flights and the majority of them are nonstop. The flight takes approximately 50 minutes or so. There are usually about four flights per day spread between the mid-morning and late afternoon.

Once you’ve landed, you’ll then have to drive approximately an hour to reach Lagos. If you don’t rent a car at the airport, you can order an Uber.

You can purchase tickets for your flight here.  


You can take a train from Lisbon to Lagos, but there are no direct rides. The trains all leave from Entrecampos Station and cost approximately 20 to 30 euros. Whichever option you go with there will be a stop in the town of Tunes where you then will board a regional train which will take you into Lagos. The journey will take about four hours.

The express train will take you from Lisbon to Tunes and the slower regional train will take you from Tunes to Lagos.

You can purchase tickets for your train ride here.


Lagos is an incredible destination to experience on its own. But it’s also a great starting point to explore the Algarve. Make sure to plan well for your trip so that you’ll get the most out of your time in Lagos and the rest of Portugal. Click here to find out what to pack and what beach near Lagos you’ll love.


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How To Get To Lagos From Lisbon
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