For The Perfect Trip To Rome How Many Days Do You Need?

When planning a trip to Rome one of the toughest things to decide is how long it will take to see the city. Rome is unique in that it is the home to countless amazing sites, many of which would be the best in any other city. So much world-class history, art, architecture, and food in one place. And on top of that, Rome is known as an open-air museum so just walking around the city is enough to keep you busy. With all of that to see and experience in Rome how many days do you need?

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Four days is the perfect amount of time to spend in Rome. This will give you time to hit the major must-see sites and still have time to wander off the beaten path a bit. You won’t be rushed and will be able to enjoy exploring the city at a nice pace.


Pantheon in Rome, Italy

With four days, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy an awesome time in Rome. Here’s an excellent itinerary to guide you on your trip:

Day One

Borghese Gardens – One of Rome’s most beautiful parks, take a walk or a bike ride.

Villa Borghese – Home to some of the most famous works of Caravaggio and Bernini.

Piazza del Popolo – Is located at the north end of the old city and includes the old city gates.

Spanish Steps – You can’t sit on them, but you can enjoy them and the piazza that they’re in.

Pantheon – It still holds the largest freestanding concrete dome in the world, also enjoy the charming piazza.

Trevi Fountain – Rome’s most famous fountain, come early for the photo ops, come late for the vibes.

Piazza Navona – Three superbly designed fountains in one large piazza, a stunning site to visit.

Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy

Day Two

Colosseum – the most famous arena in the world, it feels like you’re walking back in time.

Palatine Hill/Roman Forum – surrounded by history, this whole area is a marvel to experience.

Vittorio Emanuele II Monument – an astounding monument, impressive in its size.

Mercati di Traiano Museo dei Fori Imperiali – A fascinating museum that includes Trajan’s market.

Day Three

Campo de Fiori – The most famous market in Rome come early to get the full experience.

Jewish Quarter – Visit a neighborhood rich in history and culture.

Vatican City – Some of the most spectacular works of art and culture are found here.

Castel Sant’Angelo – Take a tour of a castle that holds many of Rome’s secrets, it also has one of the best viewpoints in the city.

Day Four

Baths of Caracalla – You’ll be awestruck at the size and scale plus it provides a glimpse into ancient Roman life.

Trastevere – One of the most charming neighborhoods in Rome. 

Villa Doria Pamphili – A stunning park with gorgeous views ideal for a relaxing walk.

For the full detailed version of this itinerary, click here.


Rome, Italy

Rome is a fascinating city brimming with everything that can make a city great. There is history, phenomenal architecture, culture, and spectacular food at every corner.

The list of fascinating things to see is impressive as the city boasts an embarrassment of cultural riches.

You could spend a day just wandering its captivating streets gelato in hand and have the perfect day in Rome. I’ve been twice and I’m dying to go a third time because there’s just no other place like it. 

Some of the best sites to visit require quite a bit of time to fully appreciate. Sites like the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and Vatican City are involved experiences. If you wanted to take your time, Vatican City could almost take an entire day by itself.

Vatican City in Italy

Trevi Fountain deserves two visits, one in the early morning and one at night because of the two different experiences you’ll get visiting at those times.

Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

Those are just a few examples and a part of the experience because after you see all of what you want to see, you have to be ready to eat. As many things as there are to see, there seems to be twice as many things to eat.

The food was astoundingly good and reasonably priced. Besides, you have to love a place where the wine is cheaper than the water.

This means that you’ll need to have plenty of time to enjoy all of the wonderful things to eat that Rome offers and try the many combinations of gelato flavors.


Rome, Italy

Rome is full of captivating sites and experiences so it’ll be hard to cut the list down to accommodate a two-day or even a one-day stay. The good thing is that most of the main sites are in the historic center of the city.

You can walk for the majority of the time, but if you’re crunched for time then you can make use of their buses as well.

Purchase Tickets Ahead of Time

On a shorter schedule, it is important to purchase tickets ahead of time which will prevent you from having to wait in long lines. 

Palatine Hill in Rome, Italy

It is especially important to purchase skip-the-line tickets when visiting the Colosseum. This was by far the longest line that we encountered on our trip to Rome. Fortunately, we purchased skip-the-line tickets so we avoided the long wait. 

The Colosseum in Rome, Italy

The Vatican City Museums is another location where purchasing skip-the-line tickets will be important, those lines were also extremely long.

Even though you don’t have to purchase tickets for St. Peter’s Cathedral, there’s likely going to be a long line there as well. It can also be quite crowded inside so plan accordingly.

Be Selective With Your Itinerary

You’ll be tempted to cram as much stuff into your itinerary as possible and that’s understandable, but resist the urge. So much of what is great about Rome is found in the small piazzas hidden from the crowds and the intriguing alleys that connect them.

Plus it’s never a good idea to rush eating gelato.

The Can’t-Miss Sites In Rome

Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy

If your time is short in Rome, here are the sites that you absolutely can not miss:

Spanish Steps


Trevi Fountain

Piazza Navona


Palatine Hill/Roman Forum

Vatican City


Castel Sant’Angelo

Arrive and Depart By Train

If the reason that you have a limited time in Rome is because you are seeing the rest of the country try to arrange it so that you arrive by train instead of plane.

Arriving and departing by train is so much less time-consuming. This will give you more time to see Rome. It’s also easier to arrive directly at Termini Station which is in the heart of Rome as opposed to having to take the train from the Fiumicino Airport to Termini Station which again saves time.


Piazza del Popolo in Rome, Italy

How many days you spend in Rome of course depends largely on your schedule. Ideally, you’ll have at least four days to explore this irresistible city. If you’re planning to visit with family and save money while you’re doing it, you’ll want to check out our essential guide on how to visit Italy on a budget. And before you leave, make sure you’re packing what you need for an awesome trip to Rome. 


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For The Perfect Trip To Rome How Many Days Do You Need?
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